Message From Our Chairman

NRM Chairman

I welcome all our distinguished Guests and teeming party faithfuls and supporters across the vast corners of this great country, Nigeria. This occasion is the formal unveiling of the Party, following the issuance, on Wednesday, the 10th day of January, 2018, of the Party’s Certificate of Registration by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

The formal registration of NRM is a new dawn for Nigeria and the resuscitation of hope for the redemption of Nigeria from years of bad leadership to usher in a new beginning. It has pleased God Almighty to give Nigeria a fresh chance at getting it right, the country having been unfortunately dragged through the path of underwhelming performance. NRM is a divinely-inspired vehicle to rescue Nigeria from hopelessness and the gale of stagnation which the Country has been stuck in.

Today, the bind of unity of the country is under intense strain. Strident agitations of all kinds from several quarters suggest the balkanisation of the country along ethnic lines. Hitherto silent fault lines have developed into gulf, sowing suspicion and deep distrust, shaking the foundations of our unity and threatening the peace and security of our dear Country. Insecurity and vices of frightening shapes and dimensions assail the land. Every patriotic Nigerian believes, the nation is not moving in the right direction. This country has never been as divided as it is now. All these are manifestations of accumulated years of bad leadership and of hollow commitment to the principles of patriotism. They have robbed our country of direction or focus, allowed impunity, nepotism and mediocrity to be the blocks of a, once, promising nation. In the absence of natural disasters, our leaders have invented some man-made ones, and through misadventures, have saddled the country with every imaginable vice, from wanton and dastardly killings, with no regard for the sanctity of human life, to kidnappings, armed robbery, ritual killings, insurgency, and other economic despoliation. This state of affairs calls for urgent action, the nature of which must be beyound partisanship if we must rescue the country and its people from the morass in which it is currently entrapped.

The Nigerian State needs to be re-invented. It is a task that must be done. All that is required are innovative ideas, bold actions and the courage to change the approach and style of governance in Nigeria.
That is what NRM brings. Fresh ideas. Deep passion for nation building. Honesty in service. Using the platform of politics to serve God and humanity.

The National Rescue Movement, NRM, is not just a political party. It is a mass movement of a wide spectrum of the people of this beloved country, who are genuinely unhappy at the rate of Nigeria’s downward slope, and believe that with selfless exertions, commitment to the ideals of nation building where justice reigns, a nation where we must work together to make progress together; who believe that the country has wobbled long enough, and for too long tolerated leaders without ideas of how to really fix our country for the good of all. These patriotic Nigerians majority of whom are Women and Youths have, therefore, stepped forward, in sacrifice, to exert their best to rescue this country from the grip of bad leadership. In NRM, we believe that leadership has less to do with position than it does with disposition. This launch today therefore is one of the first steps towards our resolve to change the face of our dear country, and do things differently. The time is ripe. The time is now.

Let me say without mincing words that NRM will contest every elective position available in the nation’s Constitution in the next election cycle, including the Presidency. For a start, we would keenly contest the Ekiti Gubernatorial election coming up in July and that of Osun later in September this year. We would do all these with determination to win. We are confident that with consultations and the broad, people-friendly policies of this party, the electorates would do the right thing to this new promising crop that has germinated with vigor on the political landscape of this Country.

We would have the courage of our convictions. We would walk our talk. 2019 will be a defining moment for Nigeria. We would serve with passion and clarity of vision. Our purpose must converge into focus. Through hard-work and sacrifice; the people of Nigeria will unite through common effort, in mutual responsibility, towards achieving concrete progress. We would not allow the partisanship and the narrow world view that currently pervade the polity to strangle the urge to serve. We will build enduring alliances of ideas. Shoulder to shoulder, standing as a people, we would re-direct the arc of our collective destiny.

Every responsible government must exist to serve the people. Where a political change does not secure an improvement in the lives of the people, that change has failed. And the nation must be rescued from such miscued change.
It is our resolve in the National Rescue Movement to do things differently and stand out in the crowd. We must restore to this nation, respect, dignity and confidence. We are set to give the people of this country the confidence that if they work hard in legitimate pursuit, the system will encourage and support them to attain the potentials of their abilities. We believe that our message of productivity and prosperity, which our logo, the bee represents, will resonate with Nigerians and they shall offer us the opportunity to serve with earnestness and unfailing considerations of where we are coming from and where we need to go.
Thank you.


Chairman, National Rescue Movement