NRM Message

NRM Message



It’s time Yes, It’s time to do it right, Nigerians! The uncertainty, crisis, and under development are affecting all of us; all ethnic groups, all religions The poverty and suffering are everywhere; in the North, in the South The voices of separatists are getting louder, making it hard for us to see what lies ahead It’s time we change our leadership recruitment system to credibility and acceptability, and introduce grass root oriented politics It’s time we use political power to serve God and humanity, and respect the rule of law It’s time to do it right, Nigerians! All that matters now is what lies ahead, how do we come together? How do we make sacrifices to rescue ourselves and our nation? Yes, we can do it! Join the National Rescue Movement (NRM), the party founded on Creativity and Ideas, the party for Peace, Productivity and Prosperity NRM, together we can rescue our Nation, Nigeria!

The idea for the formation of the National Rescue Movement (NRM) was conceived by a spark of divine inspiration to end the political reigns of failed Nigerian politicians, who have led us through a futile democratic process since 1999 till date. The political indicators in Nigeria today strongly suggest that Nigerians are disappointed, tired and gravely concerned with the country’s chequered political experience
The multifaceted agitations from various parts of the country are a clear signal that Nigerians desperately desire an alternative credible platform, through which to carry out a political movement that will redeem the country from the clutches of the failed politicians that constitute the current Nigerian leadership system. There is a sincere need that is ubiquitous across the majority of Nigerians; the need for like minds to come together and provide this alternative credible platform – a platform where political powers can be used to serve God and humanity by bringing all Nigerians together in peace, productivity and prosperity.
Devoid of all religious, ethnic and political sentiments, the National Rescue Movement (NRM) believes that the task of rescuing Nigeria is a spiritual mission for all religions in Nigeria and God’s obligation to obliterate evil, bringing up a new crop of politicians that will use political powers to serve God and humanity. Founded on creativity and ideas, The National Rescue Movement (NRM), is not just a political party but an instrument available to all Nigerians to serve God and Humanity through involvement in the political processes so as to transform our leadership recruitment systems
The choice for the design of our flag is intended to depict the evil atrocities and vices of unpatriotic Nigerians at leadership positions, counterpoised with presenting National Rescue Movement (NRM) as the only hope that will provide practical solutions to solving Nigeria’s problem of failed leadership at all levels of governance. Our flag has the map of Nigeria in black, a bee inside a white and yellow circle, which is our logo, and a red color background around the Nigerian map. The black symbolizes the atrocities and vices of unpatriotic Nigerians in leadership, with the red highlighting the struggle and hard work required in eradicating these vices. The white circle is indicative of an assurance to Nigerians that all hope is not lost; that Nigeria can be great again.
The bee in our logo represents selfless service, unity of purpose, detribalism, inclusiveness and objectivity. The selfless service of a bee is evident in the fact that it does not consume the honey it produces, which is the same sort of selfless leadership that the National Rescue Movement (NRM) promises at all levels of governance. The bee is also identified as the most hardworking animal which is likewise indicative of the productivity that the National Rescue Movement (NRM) guarantees. In addition, the bee does not move alone except in emergencies, thus symbolizing a united Nigeria under a NRM government. We believe that irrespective of Ethnicity, religion, politics and geography, Nigerians must be brothers and sisters and harmoniously work together for the common good of the people and prosperity of the nation. To further buttress the significance of the bee, it is worthy of note that the holy books of our major religions; Christianity and Islam, have both shown the bee to be spiritually important to all of us. The holy bible mentioned the bee 41 times with the holy Quran dedicating a whole chapter to the bee. The motto of the National Rescue Movement (NRM); the triple ‘p’ , representing peace, productivity and prosperity that will be achieved through peaceful policies and productive efforts for guaranteed prosperity of the Nigerian people under the NRM leadership.